CEE32H: Responsive Structures is offered by Stanford Architecture. This design build course focused on the structural and spatial possibilities of molded plywood.

The form of the structure aims to capture the dynamic movement of blowing leaves to form a wave-like arc. The course was a cross-disciplinary collaboration including students from Architecture, Structural Engineering, Product Design and Civil Engineering. Students studied the structural capacity of plywood panels, which were shaped to optimize structural performance and create a rich spatial wave that one can occupy. They explored how surface deformation (through parabolic curvature) increased the strength of the panel, and how varying configurations of the panels produced different forms and spatial textures. Students also found inspiration in the colors of Nick Cave’s sound suits, and embedded colored modules within the form.

The course was taught by Architect Beverly Choe from Stanford Architecture, and Structural Engineer, Jun Sato, visiting lecturer from University of Tokyo. Student participants: Eleni Alexandraki, Nikhil Chaudhuri, Junha Hwang, Nathaniel Kau, Nora Kelly, Alex Lopez, Charu Srivastava, Julia Wagenfehr, Teaching Assistants: Moom Janyaprasert and Courtney Urbancsik.17039024_609718022562576_4154142273904761856_o