Hybrid Physical + Digital Spaces

I worked as a research assistant for the Catalyst project Hybrid Physical + Digital Spaces at Stanford University. This is a multi-disciplinary initiative with experts from architecture, human-computer interaction, psychology, medicine, and law. Through online, lab and field studies, we aim to understand the impact of building design and technology on occupant well-being. We hope to apply our insights in the design of digital and physical adaptations for buildings that support occupant performance, well-being and pro-environmental behaviors.

Principle Investigators: Professors Sarah Billington and James Landay



Social Network Analysis

I worked with the design development team at Google Real Estate to understand the project organization structure for their new Sunnyvale expansion. We conducted a social network analysis (SNA) to study relationships at the individual level within Google and at company level with partnering organizations.

We analyzed communication, hierarchy, advice and reliance networks to identify areas of miscommunication and misperceptions. Our insights from the analysis helped to improve workflow for the next design phase.

(The project is under NDA so network graphs are anonymized for privacy reasons).

Team members: Brandon Whitely

Winter 2018

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